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Our Flexible Impeller line of pumps offers the perfect fit for a myriad of general utility applications.

In our experience, all brass and stainless steel general utility pumps give long life and reliable service. Excellent pump for bilge, live bait tanks, liquid transfer, de-watering, emptying water beds, clogged sinks, tubs, and other small jobs around the house. All metal construction makes this pump very durable and not subject to damage through heat build-up. Ideal for used oil transfer.

Nitrile flexible impeller and lip seal help provide up to 360 GPH. Comes with a sturdy bronze pump head, or an aluminum (Zamac) pump head that has 3/4″ OD garden hose threads and 3/8″ ID NPT threads. Available in both 115VAC for electrical outlet and 12VDC brush-type motors for use with battery power source. (See DC-206-10.)

Pumps will self prime to 8 ft., and will handle most domestic and commercial utility pumping requirements, as long as the liquid is compatible with the pump materials of construction. Not for use with flammable liquids or liquids not compatible with materials of construction. Flexible Impeller Pump use should be intermittent and within the temperature range of 40º F and 160º F.