Long-Life Extended Use Pumps Designed for Submersible and Open Air Environments.
Excellent for Management of Chemical and/or Water-Based Applications.

Designed for operation in submersible applications only, SCC’s Line of Miniaturized Magnetic Drive Submersible Centrifugal Pumps come standard with long-life 12V DC and 24V DC Brushless Motors. These amazing ‘workhorse’ pumps will operate reliably for extended periods in continuous duty applications.

NOTE: Open air continuous operation will result in shortened life of the pump motor; however open air operation in intermittent duty use is acceptable. Mounting hardware not included.

SCC Magnetic Drive Miniaturized Submersible Pumps ARE NOT DESIGNED to be used with Flammable Liquids or other liquids not compatible to the pump design specifications. If questions as to suitability with regard to specific liquids or materials, please call us at (847) 593-8495. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your projected applications and determine whether the pumps in this line are your best choice; or, whether there might be other pumps which may be more suitable.