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Our DC-4 line of pumps is perfectly matched to RV and Marine Applications.

These pumps have a high flow rate with low pressure and can be used for bilge as well as de-watering. These pumps are ideal for use in boats, trailers, and other areas where electricity is not available. Operable with standard car, tractor, and marine battery or where any 12 volt DC current is available. Pumps can be used in either submersible or open air applications depending on model.
Available with a threaded discharge connection (DC-4A), or a barbed discharge connection (DC-4B) for quick installation. Constructed of high impact resistant FDA grade Ultraform plastic with a stainless steel motor shaft. Stainless fasteners also help make these pumps corrosion resistant. The units come equipped with 6 ft. wire leads and has 1/4″ mounting slots in feet for easy installation.
Very low AMP draw (less than 2 amp) and has an open impeller to help with dirty or contaminated solutions. It should be used for intermittent duty only. The brush-type motor provides high speed operation.